Hello! My name is Hossein Darvishi. I work as an interface and front end developer. I'm very interested in becoming a full stack developer. And I try to achieve this goal.

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Special Skills

Web Design

If we want to have a simple definition of site design, we must say that site design means designing and building a website or optimizing and redesigning an old site on the Internet.

Interface Design

For example, the UI designer may decide to embed a slider at the top of the page or create a button to do the shopping process somewhere on the page. The UI designer is also responsible for creating a coherent style guide to ensure consistency and integrity in the design.

Network Engineer

Network engineers are responsible for planning, implementing and managing networks. These people are responsible for making the best possible optimizations to the networks so that the networks perform satisfactorily as planned by the network architect.

My Website Project

Something you are currently watching. In fact, it is my first website. I created this website using Bootstrap Studio and of course the powerful Atom editor. You can watch other projects in the projects section.